Rudi D believes that architecture feeds the soul's need for a unique and quality space for both life and living. To that end, Rudi Djabbarzadeh - Rudi D - is a creator. A classical architect in his own manner, he possesses a personal vision of what an exceptional home can and should be. quote_design.gif

Architecture is the process of transforming geography and nature into culture, seeking to harmonize with our surroundings—neither overwhelming it nor subsuming ourselves to it, but rather becoming one with it.

Despite its abstractness, architecture makes concrete our thoughts and our culture. Rudi D architecture draws on local geographic, and perhaps even historical, character and weaves into it a strong creative statement. Classical elements create a timelessness, a sense of tradition and belonging. But, that is only part of the equation: countless contemporary elements elevate the architecture to the 21st century and create extremely functional spaces for today's lifestyles. Walking into a Rudi D house leaves one to guess when it was created, but leaves one with a sense of timeless well-being.

Signature elements of a Rudi D home include: stucco and plaster finishes, rooms in enfilade, high ceilings, and finely proportioned spaces, important trim work, windows with picture frame views, custom designed and built-in cabinetry, and unique fireplaces.

Mixing contemporary forms and materials with "modern classicism," Rudi D listens to the needs and desires of clients and translates them into a home, unique and personal, but also elevating it to higher aspirations.

Rudi D architecture can be found in all corners of the United States from Seattle to Washington DC, New York to Miami.