Fabiola Martens Interiors.

Rudi's wife, Fabiola Martens, handles the interior design needs of clients. She believes, above all, that people should "feel at home" and "look at home" in their house. An inspirational design should be exceptional, of course, but should not appear contrived.

Fabiola creates unique interiors that are in harmony with the home's architecture, its setting and, most importantly, its owners. Harmony provides realness, but it does not have to mean predictability. Fabiola thrives on the surprises and the tensions inherent in interesting spaces. When walking into a Fabiola Martens-designed home for the first time, one should understand - one should feel - what the home and its owners are all about, but one should never know what to expect.

Having grown up in Europe and speaking four languages, Fabiola Martens seeks to bring her multicultural experiences to each project. She knows how to listen and to take what she hears and infuse the personality and the lifestyle of the client into the interiors she creates. Fabiola travels frequently to stay abreast of the latest design trends across the world.